Amazing Reasons Why You Should Keep on Smiling

Whether we like it or not, each day of our lives has its own ups and downs. It is not easy to put on a smile when everything seems to be going the other way. On really bad days, we just cannot help but frown or put on a neutral face. However, there are amazing reasons why you should be smiling, even on bad days. Here are a few powerful effects of smiling that you might not know:

Smiling Fights Stress

In a clinical study, psychologists found that smiling can combat stress. A number of participants were asked to keep on smiling by biting on chopsticks while doing stressful activities. Those who were smiling exhibited faster recovery from stress and lower heart rate than those who were not smiling.

Smiling Repairs the Cells

According to studies, smiling not only helps in triggering positive emotions but also in healing our tiny cells. Everyday, we encounter stress and exhaustion, which can take a toll on our health. Stress can damage our cells, and in the long run, increase our risk of developing diseases like cancer.

Smiling Boosts Your Mood

Basically, our emotions tell how our facial expression will appear. On the contrary, our facial expression can actually affect our mood. Thus, showing a negative expression can make us feel down, lonely or angry. So, smiling can positively affect our mood and make us feel happy and uplifted. Studies suggest that smiling can actually help us in controlling our emotions and suppressing the negative ones.

Faking a Smile Works as well

According to studies on the effect of smiling, researchers found that even a fake smile can bring the same positive effect on our mood. It does not need to be a genuinely happy smile. A fake smile can definitely change someone’s emotion into a positive one.

Smiling Earns Trust Points

People who are smiling tend to look more trustworthy. In a case study, a number of participants were given pictures of people who are smiling at different intensities. The aim of the study is to measure the level of perceived trustworthiness based on a person’s smile. The result shown that people who have bigger smiles appeared to be more trustworthy.

Smiling Makes you Look Friendly

Another case study revealed that employees in the service field who always smile looked more approachable and friendly than those who are not. Customers said that the employees who were smiling looked more likeable and competent.

Smiling is Contagious

Did you notice that when you smile in front of somebody, the other person seem to smile back at you? It is because our body possess a number of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons dictate our body to reflect the expressions and actions of others. It is the scientific reason for the saying that, “smiles are contagious.”

Smiling Causes Positive Thinking

Our brain is programmed to think negatively as a defense mechanism. Smiling helps the brain to move from a negative state of thinking into a positive state. Frequent smiling helps in training the brain to develop a more positive thinking pattern.

Smiling Enhances Creativity

Another study has found out that smiling increases the creativity and decision-making capacity of a person. It is linked to the production of the hormone dopamine, which is responsible for processing and learning.

Smiling Increases Productivity

Recent research studies found that the more an employee smiles during work, the more he becomes productive. It is because smiling produces positive and rejuvenating emotions. On the other hand, frowning produces negative feelings, which can make you feel drained.

Smiling is for Free

This is a no-brainer. There is no cheaper mood booster than smiling. So, smile all you want, and make yourself and others happy!

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