The drink which will give you a flat belly and 10cm loose in the waist in 4 days.

Many people assume that losing weight equates to straining your muscles with exercise, starving yourself, or spending huge amounts on diet pills, tea, or some other weight loss product. Although the right exercise routines coupled with a healthy diet are sure to help, not all people have the luxury of time to do heavy loads of exercise, the money to spend extra for supplements, or the patience and rigor to keep up with any of those routine exercise and ingested products.
So, for people looking for a simple, easy, and cheap way to lose belly fat and that unwanted 10 cm along the waist, a four-day miracle beverage is here to solve your problem – citron water.

What is citron?

Most people will mistake citron with lemon. However, these two fruits are different, but are of the same genus, which is citrus. Citron looks almost like the lemon fruit; however, it is usually ovate which tapers down towards the end. The albedo (the soft, white inner part of the peel) causes the differing shapes and sizes for a citron’s variants, and is usually thicker than those of other citrus fruits.

How does citron work?

Citron contains enzymes that help rid the body of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is commonly known as bad cholesterol. When this happens, proper digestion is stimulated which then affects your appetite; thereby eliminating those unwanted cravings and excessive hunger.
Additionally, citron contains vitamin C used in the metabolism of fat, especially those in the stomach area. The body is unable to metabolize stored fat with insufficient doses of vitamin C, causing fat to build up especially around the stomach area. Citron also aids cardiovascular health, detoxification, and blood-cleansing. Citron’s use for medicinal purposes dates back in ancient times.
What are the ingredients to make citron water?

You can try two recipes; depending on the availability of ingredients on hand or your preference. The first recipe includes:
1 medium-sized cucumber,
8-12 mint tea leaves,
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
1 medium-sized citron

First, make sure the ingredients are cleaned properly. Follow this by portioning your cucumbers into thin slices, and then grating your peeled ginger. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl or a pitcher and keep refrigerated overnight. This is best served in the morning before meals, and is advised as replacement of water if you can. Be sure to take four to five glasses every day.
The next recipe is based on a Korean tea recipe. You will need:
4 citron fruits
½ a cup of honey
1 ½ cups of sugar

Keep your ingredients clean by washing with cold water. Remove the albedo and seeds completely to avoid ingestion. Take your citrons and cut it into thin slices. Apply the sugar on your citron slices, and store it in a jar with honey. Keep it refrigerated overnight, and – voila – you are done! Just add hot or cold water.
Easy steps, cheap ingredients, and guaranteed results; take the 4-day citron challenge now!

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