London is the capital of England in the United Kingdom. It’s safe to say that it’s practically everyone’s dream destination. It may be pricey for others — especially for non-European citizens — but this place with a rich history and culture definitely deserves to be part of your travel bucket list.

Flying Distance to London

The usual flying time from Asia to London is about 14 hours and 3 minutes, though that may vary depending on the country. With Australia, the usual flying time going to London would be 18 hours and 55 minutes. Fortunately, for those coming from North America, they can travel for only 7 hours and 7 minutes because it’s only 3,559 miles away — or across the pond (the Atlantic Ocean), as they say. But wherever you are, there are a lot of reasons why you should visit the beautiful city of London.

Some Famous Attractions

A shout-out to all Potterheads! There’s a place for all Harry Potter fans out there. Feel the magic as you go around Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. Prepare your budget and get tickets in advance. You will see how the movie was made. Re-experience the sets from the film like Professor Umbridge’s office, the boys’ dormitory, Potion’s classroom, and other memorable places seen on the movie. You’ll be able to see Harry’s Nimbus 2000 and Hagrid’s motorcycle. All other props and magical green screen effects are there as well.

For some people who are into London’s history, art, and culture, you are in for a treat. The British Museum has renowned displays such as Egyptian mummies, the Rosetta stone, and Parthenon sculptures. Aside from those collections, you’ll get to discover the comparison of various world cultures. What’s even more amazing is that you can visit this place for free. Be one of the Museum’s six million visitors per year.

Get your cameras ready as you witness the breathtaking Big Ben the north end of the Palace of Westminster. This famous great clock is officially known as Elizabeth Tower. It was given a new name in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Previously, it was simply known as the Clock Tower.

Another must-see sight is the Tower of London, short for Her Majesty’s Royale Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. This historic castle, located at the North Bank of the Thames River, is seeped in history, serving various purposes such as being home to the Crown Jewels of England, a royal residence, and even a prison for fallen royals and members of the court.

Behold the beauty of London from above as you ride Europe’s tallest ferris wheel. The London Eye is a giant ferris wheel situated at the South Bank of the Thames River. It has been advertised as the Coca-Cola London Eye in 2015.

Take a groufie with the royal guards as your “backdrop” when you Buckingham Palace, the residence and administrative headquarters of England’s reigning monarch. Make sure to bring jackets and umbrellas though because London weather is usually foggy and rainy.

Don’t let your kids get bored as you visit London. Why not bring them to ZSL London Zoo and Sea Life London Aquarium? They will surely have fun seeing different kinds of land and water species. Plan your day and book your tickets ahead of time! Your kids will be entertained and at the same time be educated. Make their London experience super fun.

There’s more in London! Hit the pubs at night, watch a musical at West End, go shopping in SoHo and Covent Garden, have a family picnic at Hyde Park, and ride the Tube using your tourist Oyster card. Whether you’re travelling solo, with family, or a group of friends, you’re sure to have a blast in London.

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