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History of Eiffel Tower

The Story Behind the Famous Eiffel Tower Not a few people dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower. There is not a surprise as it is perhaps one of the most beautiful and intriguing structures in the world. For those who would like more than a visual appreciation of this European urban attraction, it would be more than […]

Visit London

London is the capital of England in the United Kingdom. It’s safe to say that it’s practically everyone’s dream destination. It may be pricey for others — especially for non-European citizens — but this place with a rich history and culture definitely deserves to be part of your travel bucket list. Flying Distance to London […]

How to Travel Safely

Traveling, especially to an area that you are completely unfamiliar, can leave you vulnerable to theft. Taking a few precautions can ensure that your trip will run smoothly. Make sure your insurance will cover any items you will be bringing. If your laptop was stolen on a trip, you would not want to find out […]

Visit Venice

Venice, a city in northeastern Italy, is known for its exquisite artworks, architecture and cuisine. The City of Canals was built on an archipelago of islands which are connected by hundreds of bridges; hence, the areas of interests can be explored on foot or on water via transports such as public vaporetto or water buses. […]

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